A eulogy for an extraordinary horseman

Breido Graf zu Rantzau’s funeral will be held tomorrow November 21st in Schloss Breitenburg 

Leaving aside his important institutional roles, we at the IJRC wish to remember the man and the friend.

Breido was not only an extraordinary horseman and a relevant and significant personality in the equestrian world, to us he was above all a dear friend.

An acute and profound observer, he was generous with useful advice but also with severe judgements, dictated by a rare knowledge of the world to which he belonged, that of horses. Guided by a deep passion, by a culture that had evolved over many years of work, commitment and experience in the field, Breido always spoke his mind, always ready to guide and support those who asked for his help, those who needed to find their way and their confidence.

Ironical and insightful, he knew how to seize the tiniest details, the most subtle nuances and treasure them.

How many rounds watched together from the stands, one after the other, but always with enthusiasm in the heart of this man who had always really loved horses and their world, a man who thanks to his work really did elevate equestrianism to a unique and inimitable sport. His was a vital and unforgettable presence.

He will be greatly missed. We will miss the great heart of this true horseman.

I will definitely miss him, with his understanding of both aspects of our sport; political and government issues on one hand but practical, equestrian, training and showing needs on the other, were always his guidelines. Yes, we had our disagreements, but at all times with great personal respect!

Ludger Beerbaum


It is always painful to say goodbye to a friend. Breido taught me many things and I will never forget his friendship based on respect and esteem, his wonderful laugh, his ever-present frankness, the intense discussions anywhere one might be in the world.
We will all miss you Breido, our irreplaceable friend. 

Eleonora Ottaviani