The club IJRC


In April 1977 a group of 25 international riders, including David Broome, Raimondo D’Inzeo, Paul Schockomöhle and Nelson Pessoa were asked to create an establishment in the form of a club that could allow riders to form a group. On 24 June 1977 the IJRC was launched in Vienna.

The International Jumping Riders Club is open, with right to vote, to all riders who have taken part in the Olympic Games, in World or Continental Championships, at least in five Nation Cups, and to riders ranked in the best 300.

Membership is open, without right to vote, to Supporters, Fans and riders ranked in the best 3.000.

The club strongly believes that the co-operation between the riders, the organisers and the federal body is the key in bringing equestrian sport to a higher level.


To promote the image of show jumping

To promote the ideals of sportsmanship and fair play

To co-operate with the competent federal authorities towards new norms and regulations

To support national and international associations and international show jumping organisers in all their efforts

To put the riders’ views in matters of rules and regulations before the governing body

To protect the image and interests of the riders who respect the above objectives
In February 1999, then President Franke Sloothaak and the Secretary General Eric Waulters asked Avv. Gianrico Moor and Dr. Eleonora Ottaviani to prepare the Club’s articles of association in a manner that would be more suitable to the times and grant concrete operational effect.

In June 1999 the general meeting of the Riders’ Club approved the new articles of association in Aachen. The meeting elected a new president, Cayetano Martinez de Irujo. In August 2013 the IJRC appointed Christina Liebherr to take over as President, making her the first woman to become President of the Club.

At the end of 2017, Kevin Staut was elected new President of the Club.

International Jumping Riders Club Statutes