A young Riders Academy: Team 19 happily ends its journey in Lausanne

Wilma Marklund, SWE; Vaclav Stanek, CZE; Elin Ott, SUI; Justine Tebbel, GER; Susan Fitzpatrick, IRL; Amy Inglis, GBR; Michael Pender, IRL; Alexa Stais, RSA; Sophie Hinners, GER; Felix Koller, AUT are the riders from team 2019 who had been welcomed at Fei Headquarters in Lausanne to end with the Reward Ceremony.

“I strongly believe this is a very motivating project where we, as young riders, receive a lot of support. We get training from the best professionals and we have the chance to participate to the biggest events in our sport. Next to the riding we are offered the educational session on key topics as economics, communication, veterinary and doping issues; all key subjects to be aware of. I am very thankful to all the people that are standing behind YRA to make this happen! “ declared Michael Pender.

“It has been a wonderful year. It has been my dream to be a part of the Young Riders Academy since I moved to Germany and I can honestly say that it exceeded all expectations! I am very grateful for all four educational sessions and everything that I was able to take with from them and apply into my everyday life. I’m very lucky to have met all YRA team, as well as the other riders, and it means a lot to be a part of the YRA family forever” claimed Alexa Stais.

In few weeks there will be 2020 selections days in Peelbergen; other riders will be designated, and the seventh edition will be launched.
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Photo Credit: YRA Fabio Petroni