Wondering what is the best way to keep up with all the equestrian action at Tokyo 2020?

Discover the FEI Homepage App, a cool new tool that transforms your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge homepage into an FEI hub and that put equestrian sports and horses at the centre of your online universe !

You’ll find great wallpapers to download, incredible photos and video links, all the latest updates from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and beyond, and quick access to all FEI digital domains.


How to install?

Click on the link

Press ‘Add to Chrome’

On the new window, click ‘Open in Chrome Web Store’

Click on ‘Add to Chrome’

Click ‘Add Extension’

You’re in!

Which browsers does the FEI Homepage App support?
The FEI Homepage App is currently compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on desktop. Other Chromium-based browsers may be supported, but without guarantee.

Safari and Firefox users will be able to use the extension very soon.

Is it available on mobile and tablet?
Yes, but only for Android devices at the moment.

Clicking on the installation link, Android users will be invited to install the Fan.Club app, from which they can set up the FEI widget on their home screen. As a bonus, mobile users can activate notifications to be informed of news in real time!

iOS users will have the possibility to install the widget very soon.

Will you keep updating the FEI Homepage App after Tokyo 2020?
Absolutely, we'll keep updating the FEI Homepage App even after Tokyo 2020 with new wallpapers, pictures, quick links and news so that you can follow the best of equestrian sport.

Does it cost anything?
No, installing and using the FEI Homepage App is completely free both on desktop and mobile.

Where to watch Tokyo 2020 live?

We recently received messages asking where to watch the Tokyo 2020 equestrian competitions.

The International Olympic Committee has published a list of all media outlets broadcasting the Olympic Games. Please have a look at it to find out how to follow all the action in your country.

Please note that the Tokyo 2020 equestrian competitions are not available on FEI.TV.

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