ATHLETES REPRESENTATIVE CANDIDATE RODRIGO PESSOA: "It is an extremely important role as this person elected must represent the athletes in a global manner, defending the best interests of riders of all nationalities competing at all levels"

In less than a week you will cast your vote to elect your representative.

Two candidates are in the running, Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA) and Vladimir Tuganov (RUS).

IJRC Board member Pessoa, who has served two terms as FEI Athlete Representative for show jumping riders, has now urged everyone with the right to vote to do so before October 31st.

"The athletes’ representative must have both a strong personality and significant experience. It is an extremely important role as the Athletes’ Representative must represent riders in a global manner, defending the best interests of athletes of all nationalities competing at all levels. The representative must be capable of representing them all, whether they ride for fun or at 5* level.

 For we who are riders, horse welfare is a priority. It is absolutely everyone's first duty to ensure welfare and it must therefore be a priority for the Athletes' Representative to speak up whenever there may be problems that might undermine the welfare of horses.

 The global growth of all nations must be guaranteed, ranging from those with strong equestrian traditions to emerging nations. Every country, and every federation has its own problems linked to its own status. We must develop our sport in the best possible way and achieve top results in every country. I would like to be at everyone’s service as the Athletes Representative. Each and every one of you can contact me and explain their problems so that I can represent them and be their spokesperson as a member of the FEI Jumping Committee so as to find solutions together. So as to achieve this objective communication between the representative and the athletes is essential. Thanks to the experience I have gained over many years and in so many countries around the world, I have also met many people, experienced many realities, and believe  I can understand current and future problems speaking out for all the athletes in order to find the best solutions.

 There is a need for competent people, a need for professionalism in all sectors of the equestrian world. There are many problems to be addressed, starting with financial ones and the need for highly qualified professionals.

We are also experiencing problems linked to the ecosystem. Protecting the environment is extremely important and we too must play a role in equestrian sports. Another problem is posed by animal activists’ associations, which judge us without a real awareness of our world. They do not know how we look after our horses, how concerned we are about their welfare. Social media judges and condemns and this is very dangerous. The media can be very useful in sending positive messages but when the message is a negative one then the damage done is immense.

The way in which communication is handled and what we communicate is therefore very important.

 For riders the welfare of horses is the first undisputable point, the first issue to be addressed in order to build, spread and improve our sport as much as possible all over the world. "

You can vote until October 31st,  2022, at  23:59 CET time. Your vote is essential in deciding who will be the voice representing your discipline.

IT IS EASY TO VOTE so please follow the simple steps set out HERE.


* To be eligible to vote in the upcoming Athletes Election, you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the vote and have represented your country in a team or individual competition at the Olympic Games or Paralympic Games or Continental Games or World Championships for Seniors or Continental Championships for Seniors in any of the 8 years preceding the date of the elections (including for the avoidance of doubt in the year of the election, i.e. in 2022). The list of international competitions that will qualify you to vote in the Athletes Election 2022 can be consulted here. 

If you have any questions please contact: