Clooney 51, the Olympic ride of Swiss showjumper Martin Fuchs and reigning European champion suffers serious shoulder injury

The powerful European champion experienced an unfortunate fall on 16th August 2021. Hence, he is currently undergoing treatment for a devastating injury. 

On his social media Martin wrote:

16 of August:

"This morning Clooney hurt himself after he slipped and fell on the field. He injured his right shoulder very seriously and everyone involved is doing their best for Clooney’s well being. He is in the Zurich Hospital and we are trying to make a retirement on the field possible.
At this time I have no further information and will keep everyone updated.
Pray for our Clooney🙏🏼"

17 of August:

"My friend Clooney is feeling better than yesterday we take it day by day and hope for the best. If any horse can get through this, it’s Clooney"

All IJRC thoughts are with Martin an his team.

Clooney 51 Image from Martin FB page