Clooney to bid farewell in Geneva

He has been on the world's most beautiful arenas, but he has been missing a final goodbye. Clooney, who has one of the most impressive list of awards of the past decade, will say goodbye at the CHI Geneva on Sunday, December 11, before the Rolex Grand Prix.

European champion, vice world champion, 2nd in the World Cup final and winner of the Grand Prix of Geneva, Zurich, Basel and Lyon. Clooney 51 has an impressive record of achievements. With Martin Fuchs, this son of Cornet Obolensky, owned by Luigi Baleri, has been on the world's most beautiful arenas, including those of the Olympic Games on two occasions (Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2021). And, in Palexpo, he won one of his greatest successes by winning the Rolex Grand Prix in 2019.

In August 2021, just back from Tokyo, Clooney fell in the park and broke his shoulder. Although he was saved and is now enjoying a peaceful retirement, his sporting career came to an abrupt end. 

What is missing from this career is a last lap to say goodbye to his many fans. And it is naturally that the Fuchs Team wished to do so in Geneva. Clooney's farewell ceremony will be held on Sunday, December 11 at 2pm before the start of the Rolex Grand Prix. 

« Clooney is the horse of my life, an extraordinary being. He has given me so much and it is with him that I have had my greatest successes. His accident was a terrible ordeal for him and for all my team, but in the face of it he proved what strength of character he has. Today, he is well and he deserves to have a ceremony that reflects his fabulous career and the genius that he is. Geneva was an obvious choice, as we had one of our most beautiful moments here when we won the Rolex Grand Prix. I am very much looking forward to this farewell, which promises to be very emotional, and during which I will be surrounded by the great Geneva public, my family, my team and my friends. »  Martin Fuchs

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