Daniel Bluman and Gemma W were the best at Angelstone Events

Daniel Bluman and Gemma W stopped the clock at 35.30 seconds last night in the $214,300 Kubota CSI5* Grand Prix secured their big win at Angelstone Events.

In a seven-horse jump off that saw Team Lugano’s Kent Farrington set the time to beat in a blistering 34.32 aboard Creedance, Bluman chased the winner’s time again—and rode away with a win. Again.

“I was lucky tonight to go after Kent,” said Bluman, who stopped the clock tenths of a second faster in 34.06 seconds.

“Kent with Creedance are one of the fastest combinations in the world. I think he rode a beautiful jump off. I actually came early to be able to watch him, and I knew I had to take some risks. You know, Gemma is quite a fast horse herself. But Creedance is a faster moving horse.”

Bluman’s strategy: trust his longtime partner to leave out strides and leave the jumps up.

“Gemma and I have been together for a very long time, so we know each other,” he continued.

“[This] jump off was a good one for her. It allowed me to leave strides off the left turn and then there was couple of lines where I could do one less to the combination and to the last.

“I wasn’t quite sure when I landed if I was faster or not, because with Kent it’s impossible to know, especially with that horse. But I was and it played out my way. So I’m thrilled about the win. You know, it feels good to start the week like this.”


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image: ©Angelstone Events/Meghan Bacso for Mackenzie Clark