Dutch Olympic Team for Paris 2024 Announced

The selection of riders and horses that will compete for TeamNL during the Olympic Games in Paris has been announced. 

Their Olympic competition is scheduled for the period from 1 to 6 August. National coach Jos Lansink is looking forward to the battle in Paris. “The first three riders had of course been fixed in my mind for some time. They also have the advantage of having a very good second horse at their disposal. In Paris the shape of the day will be decisive. With only three riders in a team, things shouldn't be bad. In Rotterdam you also saw how close everything was, the horses were in really good shape there, but in a Nations Cup you need clear rounds otherwise you won't participate. I am really happy with these four combinations, they are real championship riders with very good horses.”


OS - Harrie Smolders

Harrie Smolders (Grobbendonk, Bel.) Uricas vd Kattevennen (v.Uriko, brown, stallion, 2012) 
Owner: BVBA Spronken Leon Groom: Josefine Goransson 

(own reserve horse)
Monaco NOP (by Cassini II, brown, gelding, 2009)
Owner: Evergate Stables LLC
Groom: Josefine Goransson

Willem Greve (Markelo)
Grandorado TN NOP
Owner: Team Nijhof and Willem Greve Sportpaarden BV
Groom: Richard Skillen

(own reserve horse)
Highway TN NOP (by Eldorado vd Zeshoek, brown, stallion, 2012)
Owner: Team Nijhof
Groom: Richard Skillen

Maikel van der Vleuten (Someren)
Beauville Z NOP (s.Bustique, brown, gelding, 2010)
Owner: Pontegadea Espana slu Marta Ortega Perez
Groom: Alin Seidler

(own reserve horse)
O'Bailey vh Brouwershof NOP (v.Darco, brown, stallion, 2014) Owner: CAM Van Den Oetelaar BV, Eac Sporthorses and Springstal van der Vleuten Groom: Alin Seidler 

OS (Instagram-bericht) - Kim Emmen

4th combination present in Versailles - Paris: Kim Emmen (Dinteloord) Imagine (s.Cassini Gold, gray, gelding, 2013) Owner: Eric Berkhof, Conny and Joy Viscaal Groom : Barbara Kanka Gut


Non-traveling reserves (random order):
Mathijs van Asten  (IJsselstein)
Sirocco (v.Balou du Rouet, chestnut, gelding, 2009)
Owner: Lars Rickard Backsell, Van Asten & Nijberg Equestrian)
Groom: Dani Burema

Jur Vrieling (Holwierde) Jourdain VDL (s.Zapatero, brown, gelding, 2014) 
Owner: W. van de LagewegGroom: Melissa Postma          

National coach: Jos Lansink (Meeuwen, Bel.)
Team veterinarians: Frank van Hoeck and Willem Verhaege (Bel.)

SOURCE: knhs.nl