EHV Relief Fund raises over €270,000 to help impacted athletes

EHV Relief Fund raises over €270,000 to help impacted athletes

The EHV Relief Fund has raised a total of €272,413 for financial support to Athletes

and Owners impacted by the EHV-1 outbreak in Spain earlier this year.


The fund, set up by Jumping Athletes Emile Hendrix, Peter Charles and Frederick

Goltz, and supported by the FEI, European Equestrian Federation, International

Jumping Riders Club, Jumping Owners Club, Equestrian Organisers, and Riders

Help Riders has reimbursed veterinary expenses to those affected.


Applications to the Fund amounted to a total of €354,476 and, thanks to the

generosity of donors – ranging from €1,000 to €100,000 – 76.8% of costs were

covered. Claims received ranged from more than €24,000 to less than €650.


The solidarity demonstrated by the creators of this Fund and the donors moved

many of the recipients to express their gratitude for the financial assistance



“We would like to express our great thanks to this EHV Relief Fund and to all those

people and instances who supported all of us in this difficult situation.”

“I am really moved by this act of solidarity.”

“Thank you very much for your generous financial aid. We really appreciate your

EHV-Relief Fund and are thankful, that our horses survived this nightmare.”

FEI President Ingmar De Vos also praised the creation of the Fund. “We are happy

to have been able to support this great initiative and congratulate everyone on

making it happen. The financial support provided to the athletes through this fund

has been crucial to them and has also once again demonstrated the great solidarity

within our equestrian community.”


With all the monies now disbursed, the EHV Relief Fund has been wound up.

One of the Fund’s founder members, Frederick Goltz, commented: “The EHV-1

outbreak in Spain was desperately traumatic for all those impacted and we were

happy to be able to help ease some of the financial challenges through the Fund.

We owe a huge thank you to everyone who donated so generously and showed

the true spirit of our sport.”

FEI press release