Elected with a majority of 84 % of votes Rodrigo Pessoa is the new FEI Athletes’ Representative on the Jumping Committee

These are Rodrigo’s thoughts and main goals as he accepts this extremely important role:

“My passion for horses is deeply-rooted and profound and I firmly believe in sport’s ethical values and respect for horses as absolute priorities.

I am committed to being constantly updated as far as change that occurs in our sport is concerned, about regulations concerning all aspects of this sector, analysing in depth all evolution and am strongly motivated to increasingly elevate the show jumping community in every possible way through relations with institutions and with athletes, aiming to consolidate common objectives.

I am aware of our sport’s requirements and I now believe that I know what is really import so as to bring hope and dreams to the new generations.

In recent years I have been thinking a great deal about the future of our sport, about how we can make is better in every m possible way for professional riders, for the young, for newcomers and, as an absolute priority in my opinion for our horses and their welfare.

At this point in my career and a life spent with horses and in the world of equestrian sport, I would therefore like to put my experience and commitment at the disposal of the future of our sport.

The global growth of all nations must be guaranteed, ranging from those with a strong equestrian tradition to emerging nations. Every country, and every federation, has its own problems, linked to its own situation. We must develop our sport in the best possible way and achieve top results in every country. I would like to be at everyone’s service as the athlete’s representative. Everyone can contact me and explain their problems so that I can represent them and be their spokesman as a member of the FEI Jumping Committee so as to find solutions together. So as to achieve this objective communication between the representative and the athletes is essential. Thanks to the experience I have gained over many years and in so many countries around the world, I have also met many people, experienced many realities, and believe I can understand the problems and speak for all the athletes in order to find the best solutions.

There is a need for competent people, a need for professionalism in all sectors of the equestrian world. There are many problems, starting with financial ones and the need for highly qualified professionals.

We are also experiencing problems linked to the ecosystem. Protecting the environment is extremely important and we too must play a role in equestrian sports.

For riders the welfare of horses is the first undisputable point, the first issue to be addressed in order to build, spread and improve our sport as much as possible all over the world”.  

Rodrigo Pessoa is a member of IJRC board and has served as FEI Athletes’ Representative on behalf of the jumping riders on two previous terms, This is the third time, he replaces Pedro Veniss and his term will last from 2022 to 2026.