FEI Board Meeting: Key discussions and decisions

The FEI Board held its first in-person meeting for 2024 at the FEI Headquarters on 4 and 5 June on the following items:


  • New Equine Welfare Strategy Action Plan and pledged CHF 1 million (USD 1,119,000 /EUR 1,030,000) for the creation of an Equine Welfare Fund to support the plan. A press release on this decision is available here.


  • Financial matters: approval of 2023 accounts and revised budget 2024.


  • Elections and appointments: see the list of candidates to be elected by the FEI GA 2024 here.



  • Allocation done for the following jumping 2025/2026 FEI Series:

FEI Jumping Ponies Trophy 2025.

FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ Youth 2025.

FEI Jumping European Championship for YR, Juniors and Children, Hagen ATW (GER), 12-19 July 2026.

FEI Asian Champ. 2025, Pattaya (THA), 24/11 – 7/12.


  • Digital horse passport: will be presented at the FEI GA 2024 (there will be also vaccinations and medical records).


  • FEI Rules and Regulations revision 2024: will be circulated on 26 June 2024, in accordance with the FEI Rules Revision Policies. Note that only the Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations will be fully reviewed in 2024 (main proposed changes were presented in Session 3 at the FEI Sports Forum).



  • FEI disciplines update & resolutions:

JUMPING: Multiple CSIOs for Seniors in one country (in Canada, Germany, and the UAE) were added in the FEI Calendar 2025.

The rules for the FEI Jumping World Challenge Final 2024 (to be published here) was approved.


Proposed changes to the Cavaliada Tour Rules for the 2024/2025 season (to be published here).


  • Veterinary

FEI Commissioned Research and Development

Major research projects commissioned by the FEI included projects on:

• fluid kinetics;

• a saliva-based method;

• the correlation between footing and forces;

• the study on air quality.

FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List (EPSL)

the changes proposed by the FEI Equine Prohibited Substances List Expert Group. were approved.


The confirmed changes will be published here by 1/10/24 and will be effective as of 1/1/25. For more information on the EPSL review process, click here.



updated information is available here.



The Board heard an update on the allocation and locations of some Continental and Regional Games.



A multi-disciplinary FEI Officials’ Working Group was established.



Approved, see here.

More information about the main resolutions taken by the FEI Board is available here.