FEI Press release

We draw you attention to the latest guidelines issued in compliance with the FEI Policy for Enhanced Competition Safety during the Covid-19 Pandemic (”Covid-19 Policy”):

Covid-19 guidelines for prize giving protocols and media activities at FEI Events, effective 1 September 2020

Covid-19 Veterinary-specific guidelines for FEI Events  

Covid-19 discipline-specific guidelines for FEI Vaulting Events

 These documents are published on the FEI Covid-19 Return to Play hub.

Please note that while some of the measures outlined in the Covid-19 Policy and related documents are best practice recommendations, mandatory provisions are also present. The FEI will follow up whenever a breach is suspected and apply sanctions where justified. 
As a community, and as individuals within the community we have the responsibility to contribute as much as we can to the tremendous efforts made worldwide to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control. It is possible to apply appropriate hygiene and social distancing measures to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission at FEI events. This is how some FEI events can take place during this pandemic. But it can only work if everyone involved fully embraces the measures prescribed.

Today, the FEI urges all National Federations, Organisers, Officials and Athletes to familiarise themselves and comply with the latest version of FEI Covid-19 Policy and related documents, alongside the applicable national and local laws and regulations.
We remind you that:

- Organisers must be fully aware and proactive with regards to all of the FEI’s recommendations; and they must apply systematically any mandatory provision such as the use of masks by all present at prize-giving ceremonies. They must also implement the Covid-19 plan communicated to the FEI for their event, inform the FEI of any modifications, and at all times comply with the national and local laws and regulations.

National Federations must support Organisers and also monitor their compliance with the above.

- Officials must, at all times, observe the measures imposed by OCs at their events in compliance with the FEI national/ local requirements. They must also report to the FEI any issues observed with respect to the Covid-19 measures at the event where they officiate.

- Athletes must, at all times, observe the measures imposed by OCs at their events in compliance with the FEI national/ local requirements.