FEI: Multi-disciplinary Resolutions & Decisions

FEI European Championships Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage and Eventing 2021 for Senior

The Board agreed to:
Postpone the decision on the organisation of the FEI European Championships 2021 to its Teleconference on 20 October 2020 due to the ongoing discussions.

Allow the FEI Jumping and Eventing Calendar Task Forces to discuss the possibility of organising the Jumping or Eventing European Championships 2021 during the dates of the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, if no better date could be found.

Participation at FEI Championships

The Board agreed to:

Maintain the minimum number of National Federations/teams to participate at FEI Championships as per the current FEI Rules and Regulations.

Allow the organisation of an FEI Championship unless the Championship is not accessible for political, religious or ideological reasons to all participants (including, but not limited to, Athletes, Horses, Support Personnel and Team Officials) that have a right, according to the relevant FEI Rules and Regulations, to participate in the Championship.

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