FEI Regional Groups Meetings – 15 November 2021

FEI Regional Groups Meetings was held yesterday 15 November 2021.

About Regional Groups ...

Each Regional Group meeting is conducted by the respective Chair. The aim of these meetings is to exchange views of common interest; discuss items related to the meeting between the Board and the respective Regional Group; discuss items on the FEI General Assembly agenda; and promote and coordinate the activities of equestrian sport within the Group (e.g. guidelines, courses, seminars, support for shows, etc.).

The National Federations are invited to send suggestions for the agenda items directly to their Group Chair.

About Regional Groups meeting with the Board

Regional Groups report together to the Board by topic requested by them or proposed by the FEI. On the basis of all the topics requested, an agenda will be drawn up by theme/topic that concern more than one Regional Group. Topics that are specific to a region will be presented following the shared topics.

Following the conclusion of the Regional Group Meetings on 15 November 2021, Group Chairs / Deputy Chairs will provide to the FEI the topics they wish to address with the Board as well as the name of the person presenting each subject no later than 15 November 2021 at 19:00 (Antwerp time). 


All National Federations are encouraged to actively take part in these sessions, which are structured to allow all delegates to contribute and provide their input and comments.

FEI Sessions provide an unique opportunity to National Federation Delegates to identify and discuss key topics that are to be approved by the General Assembly on the following day.

This year Sessions will be dedicated to FEI Rules and Regulations.-


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