FEI Veterinary Epidemiology Working Group

The FEI Veterinary Epidemiology Working Group held the second of its weekly meetings on 25 March, with the key focus of the meeting on fine-tuning the Return To Competition protocols which will allow for a safe resumption of international sport in mainland Europe.

The Group reviewed the required biosecurity measures, focusing particularly on PCR testing, examination on arrival, stabling and temperature monitoring.

Resumption of Competition

It was agreed by the Group that there is currently no evidence indicating that it would be unsafe to return to international competition in mainland Europe as planned on 12 April, provided the mandated enhanced preventive measures are implemented. However, the Group will continue to monitor the evolution of the outbreaks on a daily basis.

The outbreak appears to be well-contained following updates from National Federations. The reported case numbers seem to be reducing and there have been no reports of disease transmission to tertiary premises within the last week.

Financial Backing

The Group was advised that the FEI will provide financial support for the ongoing scientific work around laboratory analysis of positive samples for gene typing.

Plans are being drawn up for data collection in order to further research the outbreaks. In addition, it was agreed to source data to determine whether mandatory vaccination has reduced EHV outbreaks in France

Additional Support

Internal medicines specialist Dr Anne Courouce, who was assigned by the French National Federation to support the veterinary work in Valencia, is now supporting the Group with her expertise.

The Group’s next meeting is scheduled for 30 March 2021.