Farewell to Shutterfly

The iconic gelding of Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Shutterfly (30) passed away.

In the photo, Meredith and Shutterfly after winning the Rolex IJRC Top 10 final in Geneva 2004

 Meredith wrote on her Facebook page:

"It is with a very heavy heart that I am sad to announce that we lost Shutterfly this morning. He was a unique and irreplaceable part of our lives.

I was lucky enough to spot Shutterfly as an immature and gangly talent at age 6 during the show in Rastede. He came to my stable a few months later. I was fortunate enough to share the next 24 years of his life with him. We just recently celebrated his 30th birthday.

Shutterfly aka “Petey” started as a doubtful, unsure youngster and blossomed into one of the greatest horses to ever live. He won 3 World Cup Finals, 2 Top Ten Finals, the Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen, amongst many other prestigious titles. He brought me to the top of the World Ranking list, as the only women ever, where I was able to enjoy #1 for 24 months. Shutterfly won the Preis von Europa in Aachen against the best in the world at age 18, just before his retirement ceremony there in front of his adoring crowd.

We will miss the kind and sweet-hearted Petey who stuck his nose in the baby carriage and softly nuzzled my daughter Brianne just days after she was born. I am sure that caress gave her the passionate love for horses she has today.

I will miss you my friend and I appreciate every moment I had with you. You were the greatest partner anyone could ever have. You will never be forgotten Petey. Rest in peace my love."