Germany win the Nations Cup in Montenmedio

Denmark take second place and Ireland are third out of the 17 teams that participated in a very exciting day of jumping.

The German team made up of Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann riding Chesmu KJ; Marc Bettinger riding Undercover Z; Maximilian Lill with D-Cassina and David Will with C Vier 2 were the winners of the Nations Cup, held this morning at the Sunshine Tour.  In the first round David Will and Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann jumped clear for their teams with Marc Bettinger just having one pole down and Maximilian Lill having two. This left the team score on just 4 faults as they went in to the second round.

With seven other brilliant teams in the second round, the game was clearly not over as they were up against the likes of Ireland who had three clears, Denmark on 2 faults for time and Brazil who were on just 5 points.  Stepping up to the task, three of the team jumped superb clears and with Maximilian Lill’s score of 16 faults being the discard score, the team finished on a mere 4 faults.  The team were delighted  with their win and their Chef d’equipe, Dietmar Gugler was thrilled with the result as Germany is clearly on great form as they also won the last round of the Nations Cup that was held this autumn in Vilamoura, Portugal.

The Danish team took second place and was directed by Chef D’equipe, Bo k Møller. The team members were Zascha Nygaard Andreasen riding Chaccophanie who had one time fault in the first round and jumped clear in the second; Emil Hallundbaek riding High Nitro who had 4 faults in each round and was the discard score in the first round; Lars Bak Andersen with Colina 70 who had one time fault in the first round and an unlucky pole plus one time in the second round resulting in them being the discard score and finally Andreas Schou with Darc de Lux who jumped two perfect clears.

Ireland were favourites to win early on as three of their team members went clear in the first round and Denis Lynch did not have to jump.  The second round did not go so smoothly but up to their very last rider they were poised to take on Germany in a tiebreaker jump off.  Unluckily the last to go, Denis Lynch on Cristello jumped a foot perfect round but popped in to the water jump rather than over it and their chances were dashed.  That said Mark Mc Auley and Jasco VD Bisschop had two perfect clears;  Michael G Duffy with Lapuccino 2, had one pole in the second round as did Cameron Hanley with ESI Toulouse.  Michael Brake was the Chef D’equipe.

In the end Brazil had to count 5 faults from each round but Marlon Modolo Zanotelli rode two clears with VDL Edgar M and the team finally finished in fourth place on 10 points.  Sweden finished in fifth place on 12 points, the star of their team today being Fredrik Jönsson with Cold Play who had a double clear.  Egypt were equal fifth also on 12 points, with the wonderful rider Abdel Said jumping two of the most beautiful clear rounds of the whole event on the lovely Jumpy Van de Hermitage.  Morocco was seventh with a sum of 14 and Portugal was eighth with 25.

Individually the top 30 riders in the event have also qualified for Big Grand Prix class, first was Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida from Portugal with GB Celine, second the Belgian rider Nicola Philippaerts and Katanga V/H Dingeshof and third David Will with C Vier 2.


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