HH Azur retired from competitions

McLain Ward has published this tribute for this amazing horse:

"Dear Annie,

I knew this day would come but somehow you always were able to reach deep inside and achieve greatness time and time again. We all know there comes a time when your mind and body disagree but it is still hard to let go. You have given all of us so much but it’s time to say goodbye to our sport and retire in good health.

I knew from our beginning you were better than me and that it would take every bit of my ability to not let you down. Your wings carried all of us who’s lives you have touched on an incredible journey that is the epitome of why we seek such lofty goals and pursue them with such passion.

You are the very definition of a queen. It was a privilege to have been the one to ride on your wings, to be your partner and to be part of your life.


- Special thank you to Lee, Erica, Virginie, Kirstie, The Mathy family, The Harrison family and all of our incredible team.

- I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in Annie and my journey. Without each and every one of you the story we’ve written would not have been possible. I’m forever grateful for your contributions and I have no doubt Annie has touched your life in a positive way as she has everyone’s.

Happy retirement my Queen"

Source: McLain Ward's facebook page