Haras du Ry has issued a press release stating that some of their horses have tested positive this morning for EVH-1 following their return from Vejer, Spain.

Haras du Ry Offical press release:

It is with much distress that I share with you that some of our horses have tested positive this morning for EVH-1 following our return from Vejer, Spain.

Thankfully all horses are currently asymptomatic and are being monitored closely and treated with the best veterinary care possible.

All eight horses that returned from Spain entered a strict biosecurity quarantine area upon their return on 3rd March and have remained securely isolated.

The horses were PCR tested on 8th March and we received the results this morning with six of the eight horses returning a positive test.

Our horses were all up-to-date on their vaccinations, including EVH-1. We maintain our vaccination program diligently to help protect from disease. Unfortunately some have still contracted EVH-1 form in Spain.

Upon receiving the results this morning we have notified the FFE, FEI, Equestrian Australia, Sunshine Tour, our owners & clients, the riders in boxes close to me in sunshine tour and any surrounding riders that may have had contact with the horses in Spain.

The health of our horses and team is our priority and we will be taking every measure to ensure our horses make a full recovery and the virus remains contained.

Our equestrian centre at Haras du Ry has been closed since our horses returned from Spain and no horses have left or arrived on the property in this time. Our stables will remain closed until further notice as we focus on our horses recovery and preserving the health of all horses and people at our facility.

Source and image: Official Facebook page of Haras du Ry