IJRC Board member Kent Farrington (USA) with Orafina won the Canadian Utilities of the 'Pan American', presented by Rolex

Spruce Meadows (July 2, 2022) - The Canadian Utilities 1.50M was the feature competition Saturday of the Spruce Meadows 'Pan American' CSI2*/5*, presented by Rolex. Over 40 horse/rider combinations took on the 570 metre, 16 jumping effort track set out by FEI Course Designer Peter Grant (CAN) hoping to jump clear rounds and make it into the jump off.

Six of competitors made it through round one with no faults and proceeded to the jump off. The shortened track covered 380M and needed to be completed in 57 seconds. Kent Farrington (USA) aboard Orafina proved to be in top form laying down the fastest clear round in the jump off in a time of 44.61s, in front of Juan Jose Zendejas Salgado (MEX) and Giavanna Rinaldi (USA).

"She's a very, very careful horse. It's why I move around between the levels here (Spruce Meadows) and let her experience the big jumps. Being here (Spruce Meadows) gives her a lot of growth" Kent Farrington (USA) said.

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