IJRC Director Eleonora Ottaviani reflects on Covid-19 virus

The rapidity of the spread and ease of contagion, but above all the dangerous nature of a virus with no known cure, induces serious reflection. It is only living in an area already seriously afflicted that, without panicking, but thinking rationally, it is possible to comprehend the situation's gravity.

Overcrowded hospitals, doctors and health workers pushed to the limits, ambulances passing by constantly.

It is in this situation, that I feel a duty to express my highly personal view, backed up by data and information from the major entities currently managing coronavirus, that authorising sporting events is irresponsible and does not take into account the risk to which  those close to us, and with whom we associate, are exposed. 

It is true that if everything stops, the economy collapse.  But life must take priority over business.

Eleonora Ottaviani, IJRC Director