IMPORTANT: Information for Horses travelling from Spain

Information for Horses travelling from Spain:

Vet on site in Vejer: Isabelle Tel +34 626 900 068.

Pedro Veniss (IJRC) will be in Vejer till the last horse will leave the venue.

Please make sure that stables and horseboxes are well-disinfected before loading.  Makes sure that stables and horseboxes are clean and well-disinfected on your departure in order to avoid spreading the virus.

For departing horses these are the possible stops:

Burgos:  Green Gates Resort for Horses

                Carretera de Cortes s/n

                09193  Burgos

                Tel. +32 475 76 61 00


In Madrid (organized by Spanish NF):

Pedro Veniss  tel. +34650779088 can give you info. 


Lyon and Le Mans identified by French Federation:

click here for more informations


For horses travelling to North Europe: 

The European Equestrian Federation (EEF) has organized a stop in Aachen (Germany):

Mr. Leo Pohen will be there tel. +49 172 2736 457 (also a vet will be on your disposal).

Address for NAVI: Hubert-Wienen Strasse in Aachen.


Info for horses in Valencia: 

At the moment there are enough vets on site to help Raul Botello and Vincent Orts.

Carl-Walter Fox (tel. +46 734096582): He is appointed by EEF/ IJRC and FEI in order to make easier the stay.

A vet from EEF and IJRC (Dr. Francesco Montecchi tel. +39 3927102334) is coming there next Friday to assist Carl-Walter.
An expert in logistical problems from IJRC and EEF will join them in 10 days in order to organize a safe trip back and stop station for all sick horses.

Advice: It is important that horses coming from Valencia have a pleasant trip back avoiding over-long journeys on any single day. 

Notes and informations:

IJRC and EEF is helping financially in order to give organizational support in Valentia where Carl-Walter Fox is in charge to supervise the management.

World of Showjumping together with Katharina Offel and Axel Milkau also did a very good job with a fundraising (

The French Federation has provided strong support especially in terms of veterinarian and biosecurity expertise to help on site. 

The IJRC is grateful to everyone offering help and above all to the grooms who are taking care of the horses day and night with passion and professionalism! We all appreciate what you grooms are doing! Thank you!!