IMPORTANT: Stables in France for a halt

Over the next few days and weeks, over 1,500 horses will be travelling up through Europe from Spain, Portugal and Italy. 

Given the long distances, horses will need to rest. It is vital that the stopover/transit stabling for horses have the proper biosecurity requirements in place to minimise the risk of further transmission of EHV-1.

The French Federation has been very responsive in arranging specific stabling in France for horses travelling through the country where they can be stabled under the necessary biosecurity conditions with disinfection procedures and onsite veterinary support.

Criteria : experience in that job, >100 stables, accessibility, vet assistance available with very good reactivity, processes of disinfection, mitigation...

Other stables could be added later but there is no guarantee.

If you are interested you must anticipate as much as possible your booking.

It is also your responsibility to contribute to the safest environment by disinfecting yourself, trucks, equipment… and follow guidelines from each site.

The stables are:

Pôle Européen du Cheval - Le Mans 

Contact : Angélique GUERET 0033 686 255 139

Pôle Européen du Cheval, Route de Feumusson 72530 YVRE L’EVEQUE 

Access advices UK

400 permanent stables, disinfection, empty stables between each group of horses, if asked sufficiently in advance possibility to have a veterinarian at the arrival of the truck

Parc du cheval - Chazey sur Ain - Lyon 

Contact: Raphael CHATELAIN  0033 615 541 844

Parc du Cheval, 1095 Le Luizard, 01150 Chazey sur Ain

Option A permanent stables 3 barns, disinfection : 100

Option B temporary stables, disinfection, built after ordering, only 1 use per  stable. For option B please order your stables before 06/03/2021 12:00 am, stabling ready on 08/03/2021 10:00 am.

Empty stables between each group of horses, if asked sufficiently in advance possibility to have a veterinarian at the arrival of the truck

Places will fill-up quickly and need to be booked as soon as possible. More information on these stabling options and potentially additional locations in France will be updated  here

Other EU Federations are encouraged to set-up stopover/transit stabling, meeting the necessary sanitary requirements and to contact the EEF and the FEI with the relevant information, so that this can be shared with the entire community.

We urge all affected NFs to inform their athletes accordingly and to stress the importance of ensuring appropriate biosecurity measures throughout their journey and continuing on arrival home.
We would like to sincerely thank the French NF for this initiative and will keep you updated on any further developments on the stopover/transit stabling options. 

Note that a new portal has been created on, where you will find all the latest figures, information and news around the current EHV-1 outbreak in Europe. We will continue to publish all the latest information there.