Longines League of Nations - Opening of Bid Process

The FEI has launched the bidding process for the Qualifiers and Final of the new Longines League of Nations Series.
Following extensive stakeholder consultation the Series has undergone a major overhaul and 2024 will see the launch of the new and exciting Longines League of Nations Series.
The bid process (Qualifiers and Final) for the seasons 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027 begins today, Monday 22 May 2023 with the publication of the detailed Bid Guide and the Application Form. Both documents are available to access on the FEI Bidding Platform.

The process is open to all Organisers. Bids must be submitted via the FEI Bidding Platform by 23 June 2023.

Please note that Rules for the Longines League of Nations Series are in the process of being reviewed by the FEI Jumping Committee before being submitted to the FEI Board for approval at its in person meeting on 5-6 June 2023. Upon approval, the Rules will be published here. 


MONDAY 22 MAY 2023

Opening of the Bid Process

  • Applications must be made via the FEI Online Bid Platform.
  • Bidders must upload the Application Form (available to download on the FEI Online Bid Platform) and any additional documents (photographs, presentations etc.) via the FEI Online Bid Platform when submitting their application.
  • A short tutorial on how to use the FEI Online Bid Platform can be accessed by clicking here.


Deadline for receipt of applications.

JUNE 2023

  • Bid Application shared with the National Federation of the Organiser. Consultation process with NF as per the Allocation of FEI Named-Events Policy.
  • Host Agreement sent to all OCs who submitted an application.

JUNE - JULY 2023

  • Evaluation of Bids by FEI HQ, FEI Jumping Committee. FEI consultation with the relevant National Federations.
  • Recommendation to the FEI Board.


  • Deadline for applicants to send back a signed version of the Host Agreement.
  • Note: The signature of the Host Agreement by the National Federation is not mandatory.


Allocation of Qualifiers and Final

  • The FEI Board will allocate the LONGINES League of Nations Qualifiers and Final during the Board Teleconference scheduled to take place on 18 July 2023.*

* The FEI reserves the right to allocate a Qualifier and/or the Final at an earlier or later date depending on the progress of the application/review process.

MONDAY 31 JULY 2023 (in principle)

Finalisation of CSI(O)5* Calendar for 2024 (as per FEI General Regulations, Annex K, para 1.3)

Click here to access the FEI BIDDING PLATFORM

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