MEETING: Longines FEI Jumping Nations CupTM versus the Longines League of Nations

The Nations Cup is the oldest and most prestigious equestrian team series. The Nations Cup is the competition that best represents a nation. For some years now, the Nations Cup Series has been the subject of debates and consultations, meetings and discussions.

The FEI has therefore announced its plans to transform the current Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup Series into a new format called ‘The Longines League of Nations’, which the FEI has clearly expressed is a work in progress. Sport Rules are now to be discussed.


On the occasion of the Piazza di Siena CSIO, a meeting was held between various members of the IJRC and chefs d’équipe. Among those present were IJRC representatives Kevin Staut and Eleonora Ottaviani, riders Laura Kraut (USA), Beth Underhill (CAN), Nick Skelton (GBR), chefs d’équipe, including Philippe Guerdat, and Simone Perillo, General Secretary of the Italian Equestrian Sport Federation.

Giovanni Malagò, President of the Organising Committee of the Milan-Cortina Olympic Games and President of the Italian Olympic Committee, and Marco Di Paola, President of the Italian Equestrian Sport Federation passed by the meeting to express their best wishes.

The meeting’s focus was the format of the Nations Cup.  

It is in the interests of all involved -- National Federations, riders, stakeholders, Organising Committees – to maintain and make the most of the Nations Cup circuit, with final in Barcelona.

During the Rome meeting, a unanimous desire emerged on the part of all present to request Henrik Ankarcrona, member of the Jumping Committee, to maintain the original format with two rounds plus jump off, summing up, therefore, the first and second round scores.  In consequence, the proposal for a single round plus jump off, which would transform the event into a normal Gran Prix, would be rejected; as would the suggestion for two rounds plus jump off, where the first round would serve only to determine the starting order for the second round.

The Club, which represents riders with years of experience in the Nations Cup, therefore confirms its position regarding the two rounds format plus jump off.

To make a parallel with another sport, it has been underlined that removing a round would be akin to removing the first half of a football match.

From the meeting, a strongly-held position has therefore emerged on the part of the IJRC and the chefs d’équipe.

Image: Giovanni Malagò (President of the Organising Committee of the Milan-Cortina Olympic Games and President of the Italian Olympic Committee), Marco Di Paola (President of the Italian Equestrian Sport Federation), Kevin Staut (IJRC's President), Eleonora Ottaviani (IJRC's Director), Di Lampard (Great Britain's Chef d'Equipe)












n Image crediti Federico Verrecchia