Nations Cup Statement


The situation surrounding the Nations Cups is causing great anxiety to riders, horse owners and chefs d'équipe as well as many federations.

Deciding whether or not to participate in a Nations Cup or an alternative competition is, it must be underlined, a personal choice made by individual riders and horse owners.

It is however fundamental that the institutions and organisers do everything possible to increase the attraction of the circuit considered the most important in equestrian sport: Nations Cups have always had great sporting value for all riders. Competing in a top team event under their nation’s flag has always been every sportsperson’s dream. Love for one’s country is still felt strongly across all sports and contributing to a successful national result is one of the main goals of show jumping.

For the technical point of view, the Nations Cups are fundamental in preparing horses and young riders for the very top events: the Olympics and WEG (in that they are simulations of the major championships).

The following reasons contributes to the weakening of Division 1 and 2 of the Nations Cups.

  1. Invitation system: The most important teams are not allowed to participate in the Nations Cups that they chose under the new rules, which makes the Division 1 competitions less attractive mediatically.
  2. The approval of new series, composed of up to sometimes 20 events, risks creating a monopoly that makes difficulties to keep NC the most important and attractive shows of the year.

The IJRC believes that the following improvements are necessary in both the short and the medium term:

  1. More CSIO’s to improve every levels CSIO 5*, CSIO 4* and CSI3*.
  2. Allow the top teams to take part to other shows then the 4 allocated if invited. Best teams should be allowed to take part to the top shows in order to attract the best riders
  3. Support the formula proposed by chefs d'équipe for both Division 1 and 2: 8 teams, 6 events, 4 results that count
  4. Grand Prix with prize money like in the other 5* events
  5. Work with all the different CSIO organisers in order to bring back the NC competition as the best product and highlight of our sport.

Long term

Rebuild up a Nations Cup circuit, with all the best events, with emotional impact, with the aim of bringing the CSIO back to the standards of the past, allowing for moments that create dreams and memories in the hearts of riders, technical experts and the public – though beautiful historic locations, prestige, great sport, the magic emanating from the enthusiasm of the team.