On arrival in Japan, IOC President Thomas Bach delivered a video message to you and your fellow athletes ahead of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

President Bach sends message to Olympians

With the recent news that no spectators will be permitted into any venues in Tokyo during the Olympic Games, the IOC President acknowledged the unfortunate consequences and expressed his support and understanding for the decision made by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Government of Japan.

“It was a decision which was necessary to ensure safe Olympic Games and this is why the IOC and the IPC both supported this decision,” said the IOC President. “I hope we all agree that the most important thing is that these Olympic Games are happening – that you can make your Olympic dream come true.”

Fulfilling your Olympic dream

These Games will be brought to the world in a truly unique manner, with an Olympic record of over 9,000 hours of sport set to be captured and available for all to see. Tokyo 2020 will give you, the Olympic Community, the opportunity to show the whole world that we are stronger together and bring people together through the power of sport.

“You need not feel alone in these stadia. Billions of people around the entire globe will be glued to their screens, and they will be with you in their hearts,” added President Bach. “I hope that you can feel this support from all these people, who are your true fans, who are your family, your friends and your supporters.”

Those watching at home will be able to enjoy the most comprehensive coverage ever delivered by Olympic Broadcasting Services, with Tokyo 2020 setting new heights in global broadcasting.

Exclusive opportunities for you

As an Olympian in Japan, you will have free access to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Video Player (OVP). This service will allow you to watch back your competition or catch up with your team-mates’ performances.

And for sharing memories with those back home, you can apply for Athlete Moments. As soon as your final competition has finished, you’ll be able to give your friends and family a virtual hug, as they join you instantly via video link.

Make sure that you’re ready for Tokyo 2020. From downloading the Playbooks, to knowing what opportunities you have in Japan, all the information you need is here. Find out more

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