Richard Vogel, who is about to celebrate his 27th birthday, is among the most eagerly-awaited riders at the Dutch Masters in 's-Hertogenbosch. After his memorable victory in the Geneva leg of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping with United Touch S, the young German rider will be in the legendary Brabanthallen as a live contender in this prestigious circuit.
The traditional Dutch event (7-10 March) will be the last Major in the tenth edition of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping, which began celebrating during the CHIO in Aachen in the early summer of 2023 and then continued with the CSIO in Spruce Meadows and the CHI in Geneva.

This show will bring Vogel back to Europe (he is headquartered in Dagoberthausen) after his long trip to Wellington where he obtained a significant number of results (1st in the CSI5* Grand Prix with United Touch S and 2nd in the CSI3* Grand Prix with Seven de l'Equipe), which were instrumental in his path to the 'Top Ten' of FEI Jumping Rankings: now he is 9th in the end-of-February update!
In three years, Richard has literally burnt his way up the ranking.  His current position is certainly gratifying but at the same time challenging for him.  All eyes are on him, the pragmatic and hard-working rider, and United Touch S, his powerful bay stallion (a 12-year-old Westfalen) nicknamed 'the extra-terrestrial'.
"Winning the Geneva Rolex Grand Slam Grand Prix the first time I participated... It took me a while to realise that this was not a dream. I am proud because that result comes from a great team work involving many passionate professionals. Climbing to the top of the FEI Rankings has brought great changes. I had always been on the sidelines and the top group in the ranking seemed like a mirage. I was also always considered an outsider by my colleagues who have been in the top ranks for years. Instead now, all eyes are on me, which is pleasant but at the same time overwhelming. The pressure is strong if you think above all that you are also considered an example for the younger generations who look up to you and want to be inspired by your way of riding”.



Vogel cares a lot about the future of the sport and of the new generation he represents. This is precisely why he is very happy to have been appointed board member of the International Jumping Riders Club.
"I had a great opportunity. At first I thought I did not have enough experience for such a demanding position, that I was too young. It was Ludger Beerbaum who encouraged me to accept. 'No matter when you start, you learn with time - he told me. - 'That's how you gain experience'. I am very motivated for this role. I think my contribution is useful precisely because I am young and represent a category of riders who will be tomorrow's champions. Working for the common good and for the future of our sport is important and I am not really the type who is capable of sitting on my hands and criticising the rules and projects that are not shared. You cannot change the rules overnight. We have a beautiful sport and we have to be active to see that everything continues in the right direction. I was fortunate to be able to participate in the 2020 Young Riders Academy, which was a significant growth experience for me”.
United Touch S is the horse that most helped him climb into the upper echelons of jumping. "I can’t stop thanking him for his performance in Geneva. Wonderful. I have been riding him for less than two years and he is still owned by his breeder, Julius-Peter Sinnack, who follows him with great passion whenever he can in all competitions. When he arrived in our stables, he was assigned to Sophie Hinner, my fiancée, but soon proved to be too strong for her and therefore he was passed onto me. From the very first moment I have ridden him, I have realised that he was unparalleled with respect to all the others horses I have had at my disposal so far: a real aeroplane".

Vogel will not be bringing United Touch S to The Dutch Masters but another one of his very good horses, Cepano Baboulet. As stated by the german  rider "The arena in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is smaller than at the CHI Geneva, and I think that it will suit him better”. 

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International Jumping Riders Club: by the athletes, for the athletes

Since it was founded in 1977, the IJRC has worked tirelessly to ensure that the best interests of jumping and its horses and riders are served by the FEI and by the Organizing Committees.
The IJRC Board is entirely comprised of active riders and/or recently retired distinguished riders: François Mathy Jr (President), Ludger Beerbaum, Emilio Bicocchi, Michael Duffy, Steve Guerdat, Rodrigo Pessoa, Kevin Staut, Richard Vogel. The NARG (North American Riders Group) has indicated Tiffany Foster as a representative on the new board together with Kent Farrington and Lauren Hough who can replace her as deputies.
Eleonora Moroni Ottaviani is acting as Director of the Club and represents the athletes in the EEF Board and Jumping Working Group. 
The Board IJRC members are also actively involved in the FEI Jumping Committee (Rodrigo Pessoa), and the FEI Welfare Working Group (Cayetano Martinez De Irujo).
The Club also plays a prominent role in the Longines Rankings Working Group and is allied moreover with the NARG.
The IJRC has had a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the FEI since 2014 and was the first riders group to achieve this status. 
This entitles the IJRC to participate in all consultations prior to changes in FEI sport rules and other policy matters.

Press Release by Equi-Euipe / Caterina Vagnozzi

Richard VögeL and ­­­United Touch S @ Rolex / Ashley Neuhof
Richard Vogel @ Fabio Petroni / IJRC