Record-breaking Guerdat

The Geneva Palexpo celebrated Steve Guerdat third victory in the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final last night in grand style. In his 11th participation in the prestigious event, riding Venard de Cerisy (Selle Français 2009), the reigning European champion bewitched the Geneva audience. Guerdat, set another record and, once again, claimed victory in Top 10, which he had already conquered in 2010 and 2018. The 2023 Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final podium was completed by Henrik von Eckermann second with King Edward (0/4 48.52) and Kent Farrington third with Greya (4/0 54.80).

Henrik von Eckermann with King Edward Henrik von Eckermann with King Edward (@Bujard/CHI Geneve)

The Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final is exactly the competition that would be needed in any contest to promote the most spectacular jumping to the general public. It is impossible to resist the show of the best pairs competing in a challenge of such high technical, sporting and, more simply, entertainment value.

A perfect choreography, the great excitement for the prize-giving ceremony, with Nicolas Brunschwig Rolex president accompanied by Sir Jackie Steward - unforgettable winner of three F1 world championships - and IJRC president François Mathy jr, director Eleonora Ottaviani, the world's strongest riders... Everything worked to perfection to ensure that the 2023 edition of the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final could match its audience expectations.

A winning format

This extraordinary creation of the International Jumping Riders Club, supported and developed in the best possible way by Rolex, has confirmed itself to be a highlight in the CHI Geneva programme.

Its excellent contest and the passionate and knowledgeable audience that attend the Palexpo, year after year, makes this event even more special.

The audience that filled the 10,000 seats in the stands during the presentation of the individual pairs made it clear right away where their preferences lay. And in the end, the supporters and the verdict of the field met in the person of Steve Guerdat.

Steve Guerdat Steve Guerdat

Snapshot of a victory

The Jura-based home favourite, individual European champion in Milan, Steve added another gem to a string of success that has certainly brought him great satisfaction.

«It was very important for me to arrive in Geneva with the horses in the best possible condition. It is the least I owe to a public that has always given me huge emotions» said the Swiss rider, right after celebrating with his wife and daughter.

Guerdat's competition was perfect. Not very fast on the first round, he ensured a clear entry on the second one where he only took a few risks on the last obstacle, as it may happen in such an 'exciting' challenge. Only double clear, Guerdat fixed a 48.13 time, taking his third victory in this competition and thus setting a new record. In the 22 years of the competition's existence, he is the first rider to have been a triple winner.

«I managed to ride exactly the round I had in my mind. The first round was perfect and made me confident about a possible success. This led me to take a few risks in my second course. Venard was simply perfect. It was a great satisfaction: a third fantastic success right in front of my home fans.

Voice to the podium riders

The podium with IJRC Director Eleonora Ottaviani and IJRC President François Mathy JR The podium with IJRC Director Eleonora Ottaviani and IJRC President François Mathy JR

Steve Guerdat - «I am very happy with this success. My horse jumped so well in both rounds. It is always a great thrill to get a victory in Geneva, in front of my public, and for this reason I always want my horses to be at 110% of their condition. I would like to thank Sabina Cartossi, the owner of Venard and Dynamix, for the great opportunity she is giving me to ride two real champions».


Steve Guerdat Steve Guerdat

Henrik von Eckermann - «My first round has been an ‘easy ride’. In the second course, I came a bit too close to vertical number 4, where I had a mistake. Steve won this class for the third time but… (he smiles) I twice came third. King Edward did his job perfectly. As usual…».

Henrick von Eckermann with Eleonora Ottaviani IJRC Director and François Mathy JR IJRC President (@Bujard) Henrick von Eckermann with Eleonora Ottaviani IJRC Director and François Mathy JR IJRC President (@Bujard)

Kent Farrington - «To me, the challenge in this class was mainly about the height of the fences. Greya is a young mare, and she never entered such a demanding competition. Palexpo gave me impressive vibes and it was an important test for the horse. A very valuable experience. I’m absolutely pleased with her».


Kent Farrington (@Bujard) Kent Farrington (@Bujard)

Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final 2023:

1 Steve Guerdat/Venard de Cerisy 0/0 48.13

2 Henrik von Eckermann/King Edward 0/4 48.52

3 Kent Farrington/Greya 4/0 54.80

4 Simon Delestre/Dexter Fontenis Z 8/0 48.06

5 Martin Fuchs/Conner Jei 8/0 49.25

6 Shane Sweetnam/James Kann Cruz 0/8 49.37

7 Ben Maher/Faltic Hb 8/0 52.64

8 Julien Epaillard/Dubai du Cedre 4/8 48.56

9 Harrie Smolders/Monaco N.O.P. 12/0 53.37

10 Max Kühner/Eic Uo Too Jacco Blue 12/0 55.85