Reigning champion is looking forward to Rotterdam

Reigning European champion Peder Fredricson is looking forward to the FEI European Championships and Rotterdam. "Rotterdam has a very nice showground and I have had some good moments there," says Peder Fredricson. He will be bringing his top horse H&M All In to the European Championship.

'Allan' is back in good form, he proved that not least in Falsterbo, where they won the Grand Prix as well as being on the winning team in the Nations Cup. H&M All In now has a mix of competition, build-up and relaxation to be at his best for the crucial days in Rotterdam in August. "Allan is a great personality and has very strong opinions on how to spend his days before the championship. So far it has always worked out for the best," says Peder. H&M All In isn´t the most flamboyant horse in the stables, but don´t let that fool you. He has been nicknamed, very appropriately, “The Panther” by Swedish sports radio.

Even though Peder of course won´t say no to another European gold medal, what is closest to his heart is the team and the team competition. "To be on the team, and competing together with your team mates is something really special. You share the success as well as the setbacks, and help each other to get the best results. And there is also the pride to represent your country. I feel very privileged to been given the opportunity to ride under the Swedish flag on a number of occasions."

He encourages the younger riders not to opt out from the possibility to ride in the nations cups if given the chance. "The experience and teachings you pick up when riding with a team are invaluable, he says, and adds; Team competitions is a great way to educate riders as well as horses."

Peder Fredricson started out as an Eventing rider and was on the Olympic team in Barcelona, (ESP), in 1992 and on the team for the WEG in 1994. "Eventing gives you a certainty when comes to speed and balance. There is no room for hesitation on the cross. My eventing years has been of good use in the show jumping."

Round the turn of the century he switched to Jumping. He recalls his first outings as a team member, where he rode together with riders as Peter Eriksson, Maria Gretzer, Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and Malin Baryard Johnsson, as valuable lessons. "I learned a lot from them all. They shared their wisdom with me, just as we keep on sharing our experiences with the younger riders on our team today."

The Swedish jumping team have won four Nations Cups this season, among them on home ground in Falsterbo and in Aachen, (GER), the first win there for a Swedish team since 1929.

Peder Fredricson has been the anchor man and the one on who´s performance the success of the team been crucial on a number of occasions. How do you deal with that kind of pressure? "Well, it is my job to deliver a clear round, every time, no matter what competition. But....," admits Peder, "Knowing that all your team mates are relying on you for a clear round puts some extra tension on the nerves."

Peder Fredricson is number two in the world at the moment and Stuteri Arch´s H&M All In, as well as some of his other horses, Stuteri Arch´s H&M Christian K, Ms Ebba Berglöf´s Catch Me Not S, Mrs Astrid Ohlin´s and Måsel AB´s Hansson WL and Håkansson Häst AB´s Zacramento, play their part in this achievement. "As they say, you are never better than your best horse, and I have been very lucky both with my horses and my owners. They are there for me one hundred percent and our good cooperation gives me the opportunity to concentrate on the next show and the training at home."

A long time in the saddle has of course taught Peder a thing or two. "You must always remember that each horse has it´s own personality, you have to get to know each other, both on the ground and as a combination. And, you have to want the same thing, there is no way you can force a horse to be on top level."

The spring and summer of 2019 has been very successful for Peder Fredricson and his horses. "Of course my aim is to crown the outdoor season with another European medal, and also to stand on top of the podium with my team mates, but there are very small margins in jumping, and one mistake can send you down the result list. So best nothing promised, but I will definitely give the competitors a run for their money. I am really looking forward to seeing you all in Rotterdam in August."

Latest achievements
2017 – FEI European Championships, Gothenburg, (SWE) - individual Gold medal, team Silver (H&M All In)
2018 – FEI World Equestrian Games, Tryon, NC, (USA) – team Silver (H&M Christian K)
2019 – FEI World Cup Final, Gothenburg, (SWE) – third (Catch Me Not S)


source: rotterdam2019

image © F.Petroni