Sentower Park: Cancellation CSI2*/1*/YH 03-06/03/2021 - EHV-1 virus

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The Sentower Park team along with the rest of the equine community, has been incredibly distressed by the information coming from Spain regarding the suffering of horses due to the current outbreak of the EHV-1 virus. 

Everyone affected is in our thoughts and we keep hope for all riders, owners and grooms but most importantly we send our love to the horses. 

After the strike of COVID-19 we all learnt how to look after ourselves and our loved ones better. Unfortunately this has now translated to the equine world and we must act on mass to stop the spread of this aggressive virus. Belgium is at the center of the equestrian world, we have a responsibility to act and we will do so. 

To protect our horse friends we are cancelling all activity at our facility in Belgium for the coming 14 days including this weeks upcoming CSI event. We will monitor this situation as it develops and seek guidance from our federations, vets and specialists.

As a team we will sit down and discuss ways in which we can prevent such awful situations occurring in the future, we will learn from this and we already look forward to welcoming everyone back to our Easter Showjumping Tour in April.

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