Steve Guerdat speaks about the Olympic format

Steve Guerdat (SUI) - Venard de CerisyPhoto FEI / Arnd Bronkhorst Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - Team Jumping Qualifier Steve Guerdat (SUI) - Venard de Cerisy Photo FEI / Arnd Bronkhorst

Steve Guerdat speaks about the Olympic format at the EEF meeting during today's FEI General Assembly: “I’m here to speak in the name of the IJRC, in the name of the majority of all the riders.”

This is an extract of Steve Guerdat’s speech including the main concepts linked to the welfare of horses and the principles of this sport:

“Two think that we really didn’t like in Tokyo:

First issue is what we call the welfare of the horse. We saw too many bad pictures of riders who were not up to the level that’s requested for an olympic games.

Secondly, I strongly believe that a rider should never be put in the position where he has to finish his round. This new format force you to finish your round. If not the team is eliminated”

“From a pure point of view it’s much better for sport to have 4 riders and the drop score”.

“I want to look my daughter in the eyes and say her that I tried everything until the last battle to save the sport that I love above everything”.

“I hope that together we can achieve what we all think is impossible that we go back with the 4 riders and the drop score for the good of our horses”.

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Olympic and European Champion Steve Guerdat, spoke at the EEF meeting at the FEI GA