Sweden Triumphs Again!

The Gold team:
-Henrik von Eckermann and Iliana
- Wilma Hellstrom and Cicci BJN
- Rolf-Goran Bengtsson and Zuccero
- Jens Fredricson and Markan Cosmopolit.
Only the European Gold was needed to complete the Swedish team's  incredible curriculum. Sweden is already  Olympic Champion,  current World Champion and is now additionally  Champion of Europe, thanks to the gold medal won today at the  FEI European Championships 2023,  Milan - San Siro.
Henrik von Eckermann has "pocketed' yet another medal, showing himself to be an exceptional sportsman who is writing an important part of world showjumping history. 

There was also an outstanding come-back from Rolf-Goran Bengtsson, who  left the indelible mark of a great champion on Sweden's team. 

Proud and happy with both her horse and her team, Wilma Hellstrom underlined the strong team spirit which unites them all. 


Meanwhile, Jens Fredricson and Markan Cosmopolita also lead the provisional rankings for the individuals.
The Silver was won by a deserving Ireland while Austria conquered a brilliant Bronze, thus  qualifying for the Olympic Games. Along  with Austria, Spain and Switzerland also qualified for Paris 2024, gaining 4th and 5th place respectively.

On Sunday at 12 noon the individual final will begin, with the 25 highest-placed riders taking part. 

Images Copyright FEI / Liz Gregg
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