The European Championships are about to start!

Starting August 30 until September 3, the 37th edition of the championship is scheduled with - for some countries - the chance to win an Olympic ticket. From the 24 nations represented a total of 16 compete for the team medals.

These countries are Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Spain also have a chance at team medals.

Sweden, Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, and Belgium already have an Olympic ticket in hand. France, which is hosting the Games, is also starting in Paris. 


Tuesday, August 29: Veterinary check
Wednesday, August 30: Start of the European Championship
Thursday, August 31: First round of the second competition
Friday, September 1: Second round of the second competition, as well as the team final
Saturday, September 2: Second veterinary check
Sunday, September 3: Individual final (two rounds)

Last-minute changes

There have been some last-minute changes in various teams. After it was previously announced that Kim Emmen with Inflame Go (Namelus R) will replace Kars Bonhof with Hernandez TN NOP (Kannan), the following changes will take place.

For Italy, Francesco Turturiello with Made In't Ruytershof (Norton d'Eole) will take the place of Francesca Ciriesi. There is also a change within the Irish team. Trevor Breen and Highland President (Clinton) will start for Ireland, as well as Denis Lynch with Vistogrand (Fantaland). Both are replacing Daniel Coyle and Michael Pender.

Start lists and results