The IJRC congratulates its board member Rodrigo Pessoa elected to be FEI Athletes Representative

“I am delighted to have been elected to once again hold this position and since it is the third time. I have been appointed I am aware of what is at stake. It is an extremely significant role since many very important decisions are discussed by the Jumping Committee. I believe this is a first class, well-balanced committee and one formed by people who have excellent knowledge of our sport, such as Stephan Ellenbruch, Henrik Ankarcrona, Diane Baxter, Louis Konickx. We hope to do a good job,” said Rodrigo Pessoa.


IJRC president Kevin Staut said:

"Rodrigo is greatly respected by all the riders thanks to his achievements and everything he has done for our sport. And it is therefore legitimate that he should continue to work for the good of our sport. I am delighted that a member of the IJRC’s board of directors should now hold such an important position.”

IJRC Director, Eleonora Ottaviani said:

"I am extremely happy that the IJRC’s candidate has been appointed by his colleagues. For over twenty years Rodrigo has had close ties with the Club, of which his father Nelson was one of the founders.

Having already held this position, Rodrigo is well-aware of all the mechanisms and procedures, so we are certain he will provide a competent and objective contribution to the Jumping Committee.

It is also extremely important to have an athlete like Rodrigo, with a practical vision of the global equestrian reality.

Heartfelt thanks to Pedro for his cooperation and the brilliant work during  the last few years."


Tiffany Foster Vice President of North American Riders and IJRC Board member said:

"The North American Riders Group is excited and encouraged to hear of Rodrigo Pessoa’s appointment as the new Athlete Representative to the FEI. His experience within the sport makes him a knowledgeable and dependable addition. We are pleased that a rider who resides in America is in a position to help to raise our concerns and have a balanced perspective on the various issues that concern our sport. We would also like to thank Pedro Veniss for the work he did during his term as Athlete Representative and look forward to the future with Rodrigo."


Image ©IJRC