Unprecedented situation

unprecedented situation Pedro Veniss with Quabri de L'Isle © Thomas Reiner/FEI

We're living in an unprecedented situation which is affecting our community in many ways.

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused the death of huge numbers of people around the world, paralyzing our life and the global economy. It is also affecting many sporting events.

As the virus spreads across the globe, sports bodies are cancelling or postponing their events.

Day after day, show jumping competitions scheduled over the next two months are disappearing from the calendar, including the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, moved from 23 July 2021 to 8 August 2021.

The IJRC is monitoring the situation and our President, Kevin Staut, together with our Director, Eleonora Ottaviani, are taking part in numerous conference calls.

Along with the EEF (European Equestrian Federation), the IJRC published a press release, dated 20 March, calling on all National Equestrian Federations within and outside Europe to stop all equestrian competitions in all disciplines with immediate effect.

The LRWG (Longines Ranking Working Group), composed of Ingmar De Vos (FEI President), Stephan Ellenbruch (Chair FEI Jumping Committee), Jérôme Begey (FEI IT Business Analyst), Kevin Staut (IJRC President), Eleonora Ottaviani (IJRC Director), Henrik Von Eckermann (IJRC Board member) and François Mathy Jr (IJRC Vice President), has worked to manage the ranking points, following the cancellation of numerous events all over the world.

Regarding the athletes’ representatives, the club can count on Pedro Veniss, who will be the new athletes’ representative ad interim at the Jumping Committee and Athletes Committee.

Pedro is our representative in the Task Force concerning the FEI dates Calendar, which is working to reorganise the dates of FEI events.

The IJRC extends grateful thanks to Maria Gretzer, for the time dedicated to meetings representing the athletes over the past years.  Her work has been appreciated by colleagues in the equestrian world.

For 2020, attention will be focused on the most delicate and complex issues, including:

  • monitoring the new Invitation System (Pedro Veniss, Giulia Martinengo Marquet, Michael Duffy)
  • monitoring the formula of the ranking list to avoid manipulation (LRWG representatives and IJRC Board)
  • clarifying the legal and pharmacological / veterinary aspects of contamination (Max Kühner, Peter Charles, Director)
  • collaborating closely with the EEF (President and Director)
  • dealing with the difficult problem of pay cards 
  • supporting the Nations Cups. 

The IJRC office is supporting and working extremely closely with all of them.

The rapidity of the spread and ease of contagion, but above all the dangerous nature of a virus with no known cure, induces serious reflection.

So, it is time to stop and reflect and act accordingly, strictly respecting the indications of the authorities.

It is true that if everything stops, but now more than ever, life must take priority over business.

In the sincere and heartfelt hope that you and your families are all well, and only too aware of the difficulties the current situation has provoked, please rest assured that the IJRC will not stand still and will continue to work in the common interest of all its members. The health of people and horses is the highest possible priority for all who are involved with our sport.

Take care of yourself, your family and your horses.