Veterinary regulations 2023

Here you’ll find the important changes applied from 1 January 2023 regarding the veterinary and stables management regulations in FEI Shows.

1. Closure of the FEI Stables Area for 6 consecutive hours overnight with minimal lighting and noise to allow the horses to rest adequately.

Ref. article 1008

2. Horses that are not registered with the FEI are not permitted access to the FEI Stables Area

Ref. Annex X FEI stable area

3. Persons and their pets must not urinate in stables/loose boxes (they can be fined).

Ref. Article 1008 IV Stable Security

4. While Horses are present on the Event venue, their rectal temperature must be taken at least twice daily and recorded by the PR (Person Responsible) using FEI HorseApp. Other methods of evaluating the Horse’s body temperature must be FEI approved

Ref. Article 1027 Biosecurity at FEI events

5. Horses are not permitted to wear glasses or visors outside the FEI Stables Area.

Ref. art. 1044 Bandages and Tack

6. The PR is responsible for ensuring the FEI Medication Logbook has been filled in.

Ref. Chapter V art. 1053 FEI Medication LogBook

Moreover, the FEI underlines the importance of the importance of the FEI’s Horse Health Requirements, and the necessity to fulfil the Horse Health Requirements via the FEI HorseApp to ensure the maximum safety for all horses competing at international events.

Here is the link to the complete veterynary regulations: