2016 FEI Registrations Now Open

FEI Registrations for the 2016 Calendar Year are now able to be processed. If you are competing in a FEI class early in January 2016 please ensure you have your FEI registrations renewed prior to the end of 2015.

FEI Registrations are MANDATORY under the rules of the FEI and must be renewed before entering your first FEI Competition each year (the FEI season being 1 January – 31 December); all registrations expire on 31st December each year regardless of when during the year athlete or horse is registered.

FEI Registrations are mandatory for ALL Riders and Horses competing in any FEI International Event.

FEI Rider Registration is NZ$30 and the Horse Registration is NZ$30. FEI registration is free of charge for riders that are under the age of 18.

If you and your horse are already FEI registered download the Renew Equine/Rider FEI Application.

If you are FEI registering you or your horse for the first time download the New Equine/Rider FEI Application.

NOTE: All new horses being FEI registered MUST have a microchip

You must have FEI Registration if you are competing in the following:

  • CSI: Jumping

  • CCI or CIC: Eventing

  • CDI: Dressage

  • CEI: Endurance

FEI Passports

If you are competing your horse in any of the following FEI classes you will require an FEI passport:

  • Showjumping – CSI3*, 4* and 5*, CSI-W World Cup

  • Dressage - CDI3*

  • Eventing – CCI4* and 3*, CIC3*

  • Endurance – CEI 3* and 4*, CEIO

  • When competing in any FEI Class outside of NZ

source: Fei.org