83° CSIO di Roma Piazza di Siena - Master fratelli d'Inzeo: The organizing committee comments

As usual, at the end of the four days of competitions in Piazza di Siena, there was a press conference with the Organizing Committee to make the first comments on this 83° CSIO di Roma Piazza di Siena - Master fratelli d'Inzeo.

The results were very positive as underlined by Eleonora Ottaviani the Show Director of this event. She said that a lot of effort and a good team are important to reach a great result, as well as it is so important to have a great motivator like Vittorio Orlandi.

She added that he managed to convey enthusiasm and emotion to a team of over a hundred people! She concluded that this edition of Piazza di Siena was a starting point, an opportunity to create, to build a team that will become stronger in view of next year.

imageFilippo Maria Bonifati - Roma Integer Client Director; Simone de Martini - AD Integer; Vittorio Orlandi - FISE President; Alessandro Maspes - C.O. Piazza di Siena Director ; Eleonora Ottaviani  - Show Director.