A Young Riders Academy edition Number Six: the largest group of candidates ever

From Friday March 29th to Sunday 31st, the Selection Panel will meet again in Arezzo to evaluate the first group of riders. The second selection meeting will take place next month in Mannheim. For this 6th edition twelve National Federations - Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, RSA, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom - have entered a total of more than thirty good riders.

The Selection Panel is confirmed to be represented by Jean Maurice Bonneau, Otto Becker, Emile Hendrix and Sven Holmberg as Sport Manager.

The program starts on Friday with the official presentation; after that the selection is evaluating riding in two different classes,  140 and 145 qualifying on Saturday and GPs on Sunday. Apart from the sport, all athletes will face an individual interview to assess personal skills on different topics as equestrian knowledge, motivation and communication.

Today YRA is at its 6th edition and it had collected many accomplishments: 47 riders had been trained, several of them are now professionals, others had been included in different working segments, few are still athletes.