A win for Gábor Szabó with Timpex Cent in CSIO***Budapest Grand Prix

6 July - Five riders did it for the jump-off at CSIO***Budapest Grand Prix (160cms). Only one rider-and-horse was able to produce a victorious clear round – and he was Hungarian Gábor Szabó (23) with his stallion Timpex Cent. Jana Wargers from Germany and Lasco took second place followed by Roland Englbrecht with Poorboy on the third. This victory is an outstanding milestone in Hungarian showjumping since there hasn’t been similar success in Hungary in such a numerous and highlevel competition. Gábor Szabó is the rider of Nyíregyháza Timpex Stud Farm and his first place gives strength and optimism to Hungarian showjumping. István Tarbály breeder and owner Timpex Cent, Károly Fugli president of ground jury, Ten Daria from KAP Jumping, Rita Cserhalmi from Porcelain Manufactury Herend and dr. Gyula Budai Member of Parliament presented the winner and the placed.

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source: http://www.csiobudapest.hu/

 Photo brovided by CSIO Budapest (Gábor Szabó)