Riders from all YRA editions, representing eleven nations, will gather in Holstein November on the 6th to celebrate the Five Year anniversary with a U25 show. To toast the event a gala night at Breitenburg Castle, where all YRA family and friends are invited, will follow.
The show will be held on November 5th - 7th  at Fritz Tiedemann Halle, in Elmshorn. It will be organized by Reitverein Breitenburg. Louis Koninckx is going to be the course designer and Franke Sloothaak and Jos Lansink the riders' trainers during these three days.
It has been a long and intense journey since March 2014, when Athenaeum first introduced to the media this exciting project: a young Riders Academy for jumping. "Today, after five years of intense activity, we proudly celebrate the concept of Family. A Family that supports our riders during their journey to professionalism" claims President of Athenaeum - YRA founder - Eleonora Ottaviani.

The intention with a young Riders Academy has always been to create future ambassadors for this sport, riders that are excellent, knowledgeable and serve as role models for others. YRA is at its 5th edition and, throughout its course, has collected many accomplishments thanks to the 45 riders that have been trained. Since the first year, YRA has collected both gold and silver medals at YR European Championship.

In 2017, five riders jumped the Europeans in Gothenburg (Klaphake, Demirsoy, Flam and Medenova). Moreover, great satisfaction was experienced, when three YRA athletes have been selected for this summer WEG in Tryon (Klaphake, Pollen and Michael Duffy).

"The YRA goal, though, is not only to obtain results, but also to combine passion, competence and, most of all, to build friendships grounded on mutual respect, in the sport and for the sport", closes Ottaviani.
"A special thanks goes to YRA selection panel members Emile Hendrix, Jean Maurice Bonneau, Dirk Demeersman, Otto Becker, and YRA trainers Franke Sloothaak, Jos Lansink, Marco Kutscher, Henk Nooren, Schroders brothers and Gianluca Bormioli, for their professional support during these years" stated Breido Count zu Rantzau as Athenaeum vice president , host and landlord.

A young Riders Academy is a program conceived for young talented show jumpers; founded by Athenaeum, a no-profit association, 
with the cooperation of the International Jumping Riders Club and the support of Rolex.

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