Of course we all know that riding wouldn’t be possible without a horse, preferably a good horse that is doing well in the ring. We also know that some people are willing to pay a lot of money for a horse like that. But for some just ‘paying a lot of money’ doesn’t seem to be enough. In what follows we give you an overview of 10 horses that were sold for extremely high prices… Here is an overview of the 10 most expensive horses ever sold.


Plavius is owned bin the Vice President of the United Arab Emigraties, who was more then willing to pay 9,2 million dollar for him. The gelding won approximately 41.572 in his career and finished on a 13th place in his last competition.


This horse made his racing debut already at the age of two years old and was sold to Godolphin Racing in 2006. The American-bred horse quit racing in 2008 and made his owners approximately 327.324 dollars richer during his sports career.


Snaafi Dancer is the third racehorse to make it into this list. He was the first yearling to sell for more then 10,2 million dollar and was for a long time the most expensive horse ever sold. People expected him to be an exceptional race horse but unfortunately for him and especially for his owners, he never raced. During his retirement it was discovered that the stallion also had fertility problems, which gave him of course the tag of ‘one of the most useless investments ever’ since he couldn’t be used for breeding either.


During an auction in 2006, this horse was sold for 11,7 million. But unfortunately he never managed to win a race for his new owner. Meydan City won approximately 1360 dollars during his career.

Seattle Dancer was an Irish stallion who was expected to show great things. But, such as the most race horses in this list, he couldn’t make the expectations true. He did have a racing career, but it was rather modest. He did become a good breeding stallion since he’s the father of 37 different horses that are actually able of winning a race. He made 181.808 during his career and died of a heart attack.

This horse was long considered one of the best horses in the jumping world. A tittle he probably owes to his former rider Janika Sprunger. The horse was sold to Jan Tops for 15 million. Surprisingly the horse wasn’t for his wife, Edwina Tops Alexander, but is now ridden by the Quatari-team.

The Green Monkey is a descendant of Northern Dancer and Secreatariat so people expected a lot of this stallion. Unfortunately he didn’t win any race in his life either, so his owners decided to give him a ‘well deserved’ retirement after once 3 races. The horse was sold for 16 million dollars and is now available for breeding if you’re willing to pay the fee of 5000 dollars.

Do we even have to introduce this horse ? The black stallion is considered one of the best dressage horses in the word and was sold to German owners in 2011 for 21 million dollars. Since then, unfortunately, the horse wasn’t able to perform up to standard anymore. And of course we all know how the story ends : after the European Championships of 2015, where the horse was clearly suffering from another injury, the owners made the decision of not using Totilas in the sport anymore; but he will be available for breeding in the future.

This horse actually was a race horse with a modest career, but because he is a son of Northern Dancer, he was very wanted as a breeding stallion so that’s what he became. The horse was bought by the Emir of Dubai for ‘only’ 40 million dollar.

The most expensive horse ever sold was a race horse as well. During his career, Pegasus earned 1.994.400 dollar racing. After his retirement, he became one of the most wanted breeding horses since Shareef Dancer. Coolmore Stud, an Irish breeder, was willing to pay Pegasus for approximately 70 million dollars and started his career as a breeding horse with a stud fee of 150.000 dollar. Because his breeding career was rather disappointing, he is now available for breeding if you pay a fee of ONLY 7000 dollar. This makes him the most expensive and maybe also the worst investment ever in horse-business.

Source: Equnews