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6 June - "We decided to wrote this book as we feel the need to have greater clarity and to be more informed concerning the item of the medication/doping, that is so much discussed at the moment.

To work in a professional way in discussing this delicate argument we think it is necessary to know Horse Health, Pharmacology, Toxicology as well that the Legal issues, (and all rules by FEI, Wada, or other institutions or authorities).

Goal of this book is simply to clarify some items and to know the correct terminology in order to discuss the problems of medication/doping in a reasonable and smart way.

We gave priority to the methodology and scientific information without consider the wishes of the different lobby in the equestrian community, and considering the interdisciplinary of the mater we decided to prepare a “general glossary“

We hope this report could be helpful to work for the benefit of the sport and in respect of the Olympic Charter and we thank you for the kind attention."

The writers

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