Aachen Gourmet Dinner

26 May - The motto of this year’s World Equestrian Festival from May 28th-31st, 2015 is “Top sport meets top cuisine”. As the current title holders of the “Golden Chef’s Hat 2015“, the star chefs of “De Leuf“ are naturally also on board and the Dutch chefs will be bringing the fragrance and taste of the sea to the Aachen Gourmet plates. Together with a good portion of ice-cold nitrogen steam!

“We offer classic French cuisine albeit with new influences,” said Sandra van de Bunt referring to her gourmet restaurant “De Leuf”. Her team will also be conjuring up extra special delights for the visitors of the “Aachen Gourmet”. For example, they will not only have a stand on the gourmet mile on Thursday, May 28th, but will also be preparing the exclusive “Aachen Gourmet Dinner” in the Main Stadium at the Aachen showgrounds on Thursday evening together with the star chefs Johann Lafer, Christof Lang, Rainer Hensen and the team from OTTO Gourmet. “We are in charge of the Amuse Gueule and are planning one of our specialities of the house,” revealed Sandra van de Bunt. The dish is called “Taste and fragrance of the Sea” and the guests can look forward to an exquisite composition of seafood – prepared using nitrogen that is minus 196 degrees cold! “We will be preparing the course directly at the table and it is definitely going to be spectacular. The steam of the nitrogen will let everyone really feel the sea,” explained the proprietor of “De Leuf“, which claimed the most prestigious cooking award in the Netherlands, the “Golden Chef’s Hat 2015”, in January.

Sporting highlights with the top riders in the world and culinary delights by the world’s best chefs: The World Equestrian Festival will kick off on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at 5.00 p.m. with the “Aachen Gourmet”. Entrance to the showgrounds including the gourmet mile is free of charge, tickets for the exclusive “Aachen Gourmet Dinner” in the Main Stadium can be purchased for 199 Euros. On the next day, the Friday, there will be free entrance to the showgrounds and the top riders will already be competing in the ring. It is necessary to purchase admission tickets for the World Equestrian Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Once the sporting programme has finished on Saturday evening, there will be free entrance to the “Aachen Gourmet” again.

source: www.chioaachen.de