Arezzo selection for 2015 program, Sven Holmberg's comment

7 April-The first leg of the 2015 selection took place during the Toscana Tour in Arezzo March 28 and 29.

As usual the OC of Arezzo had done a truly fantastic job in allowing us to come with Young Riders to the show and we are very grateful for their hospitality.

In total nine participants from Italy, Greece, Austria, Belgium and Sweden, were carefully evaluated under the critical eyes of Dirk Demeersmann and Emile Hendrix. As previous year the quality was very high giving the selectors a hard time in particular since these riders must also be compared with riders coming to Lummen and Redefin. The level of quality was demonstrated by the fact that three of the riders were placed among the top ten in the Silver GP.

Given the quality in Arezzo we are confident that the “Young Riders Academy” will be able to demonstrate the same level this year as was the case in 2014.

To all the riders “Thank you for participating, we look forward to see you again”.

Sven Holmberg

Sport Manager