Bridleless Wathelet becomes an internet sensation

9 July - Belgium's Gregory Wathelet became a overnight sensation following last weekend's incredible Paris event when photos and videos of his horse Conrad losing his bridle while competing mid-round went viral. Over 2 million people have already seen the amazing mishap occur via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the number continues to grow.

The pair were taking part in the Prix du Qatar last Friday at the specatcular Champ de Mars arena when Conrad's bridle began to move. "I noticed it slip after fence three," said Gregory, "and it has happened before with this horse. But it was a qualifying tround for the Grand Prix and I was clear so I didn't stop."

Luckily the pair had only three fences left when the bridle fell-off completely, leaving Wathelet to hold the bit up in the horses mouth and hope for the best as he rode the tricky final line. The No1 Belgian rider's skill has been praised around the world as news of his feat spreads. Wathelet goes on to compete in Cascais, Estoril this weekend - let's hope this time he can keep all his tack on!


Photo: Stefano Grasso/LGCT