Countdown to the 2016 Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final: Rider no. four – Daniel Deusser

In the week leading up towards the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final in Geneva,  We continue with Daniel Deusser, winner of the 2013 Final in Stockholm.

Name: Daniel Deusser

Age: 35

Country: Germany

Current world rank (N° 191): No. 3

No. of times in the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final: Three (2013, 2014 and 2015)

Best result in the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final: Daniel won the final in 2013 (on his first attempt), in Stockholm with Evita van de Veldbalie

No. of months in the Top 10 during 2016 (January-November rankings N° 181-N° 191): Eight Best world rank during 2016: No. 3 (Ranking N° 191)

Thrills from 2016: Big five-stars wins in the Longines Grand Prix of Los Angeles, the Grand Prix of Knokke and the World Cup in Lyon, as well as being third in the World Cup Final in Gothenburg and winning team bronze at the Olympic Games for Germany

Spills from 2016: Seems like 2016 was pretty perfect for Mr. Deusser

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image: F.Petroni