Dutch and German team for European Championships announced

The Dutch Chef d’Equipe Rob Ehrens has announced his team for the European Championships which take place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The team will consist of:

  • Marc Houtzager – Sterrehof’s Calimero

  • Ruben Romp – Audi’s Teavanta II T Z

  • Harrie Smolders – Don VHP Z

  • Jur Vrieling – VDL Glasgow vh Merelsnest

  • (reserve) Aniek Poels – Athene

The German team puts his trust in two new younger combinations. Germany will be represented by the same team who won in Aachen with Laura Klpahake who will replace Marcus Kutscher:

  • Marcus Ehning - Pret A Tout, Funky Fred or Comme il faut

  • Laura Klpahake – Catch Me If You Can

  • Maurice Tebbel – Chacco’s Son

  • Philipp Weishaupt – LB Convall

  • Simone Blum – DSP Alice